Forex Forest - 環球投資新趨勢-自動程式交易
Forex Forest - 環球投資新趨勢-自動程式交易
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Forex Forest

The most Potential investment tools in trading market

To provide Hong Kong people with one more potential investment tool and trading market
Forex Forest is committed to promoting and educating “automatic program trading” and apply it to the foreign exchange market. To provide Hong Kong people with one more investment tool and trading market with great potential so that the public can invest in the global market and prepare for the future.

Automated program trading has developed very mature in the foreign investment market. It can be applied to the foreign exchange market, trading for you 24 hours in an automated manner, and trading transactions are never restricted by time. With the continuous changes in the global economy and investment market, investment cannot be limited to stocks, futures, and property purchases. The global foreign exchange market is another option for you…

Hong Kong Algorithmic Trading Education Enterprise

Our Advantages

Forex Forest

Forex Forest focuses on algorithmic trading education and expert advisor (EA) development. It is one of the few companies in Hong Kong that specializes in algorithmic trading. At the same time, we also develop our own expert advisor (EA).

The course has also obtained ISO 9001 course quality certification, and Forex Forest’s own program development software (expert advisor (EA) ) won the Global Forex Awards – Best Forex EA Award.

獲國際獎項認可 程式交易 企業

Recognised by international awards
Algorithmic trading company

擁有超過10年 自動程式交易投資經驗

Over 10 years
Algorithmic trading investment experience

ISO 9001
Quality certification course

自家研發 自動程式交易軟件

Self development
Algorithmic trading software

Learn to trade with automatic programs and earn foreign exchange income

8 Weeks・Advance Course

From basic to actual combat

The course allows students to master the basic knowledge of automatic program trading. In addition to learning to operate the automatic program trading software MetaTrader4 (MT4), they will also learn the actual automatic trading methods, such as trading strategies, backtesting techniques, simulation exercises, practical teaching, etc. Let students build their own program trading system to continuously and automatically profit in the market.

The unique feature of this course is the two-month (8-week) coaching and team learning system. The course will be in the form of group interactive learning, with coaches following up, step by step, so that students can quickly master the technology of automatic program trading.

Basic knowledge:
Understand automated program trading and market fundamentals

Master the trading platform:
MetaTrader4 (MT4)

Data test:
Learn to use past transaction data for testing

Mindset tips:
Experienced trading master teaches mentality management

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Algorithmic trading course?

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