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Forex Forest

For investors who are interested in learning "Algorithmic Trading"

We provide trading course in two levels. 8-hours algorithmic trading course and an Advanced algorithmic trading courses. teach you how to use the automated trading system for foreign exchange trading.

Advance algorithmic trading courses specially designed for people with foreign exchange trading experience, teaching how to analyze the pros and cons of “algorithmic trading”, using historical transaction data for testing, using real positions for actual testing to improve the profit-to-profit ratio.

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Professional Fields and Advantages

ISO 9001 Quality Certification Course

The course is certified by the ISO9001 course quality, with more than 10 years of investment experience in automatic programming, teaching and providing professional programming knowledge with care, so that everyone can profit in the market.

ISO 9001 Quality Certification Course

Self-Developed Automatic Trading Program

A professional R&D team with more than 10 years of automated program trading experience continuously updates, improves and optimizes different types of automated trading programs to increase the profitability of trading programs in the foreign exchange market.

Self-Developed Automatic Trading Program

Focus on ``Automatic Trading``

The few teaching institutions in Hong Kong that focus on the field of “automated program trading”, through sharing program trading experience and teaching professional knowledge, so that more Hong Kong people can understand the automated program trading market.

Focus on ``Automatic Trading``

Forex Forest Automated Trading Course

This course allows students to master the basic knowledge of automated program trading. In addition to learning to operate the automated program trading software MetaTrader4 (MT4), they will also learn the actual automated trading methods, such as trading strategies, backtesting skills, simulation exercises, practical teaching, etc. , Let the students build their own money-making system, and continuously and automatically make profits in the market. The uniqueness of this course lies in the two-month coaching and team learning system, in the form of group interactive learning, step by step allows students to quickly master the technology of automatic programming.

Basic Knowledge

Understand automated trading and market fundamentals

MetaTrader4 (MT4)

Master the trading platform MT4

Backtest from trading History

Learn to use past transaction data for testing

Mindset Secret

Secrets of the mindset of trading masters

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