Algorithmic Trading Course


Advanced Algorithmic Trading Course

Algorithmic trading is rapidly emerging in the financial market. Investors can use lower time costs in exchange for potential profits, and computers can capture the opportunity to enter the market in milliseconds to enjoy the benefits of time freedom.

This course allows students to master the basic knowledge of automated program trading. In addition to learning to operate the automated program trading software MetaTrader4 (MT4), they will also learn the actual automated trading methods, such as trading strategies, backtesting techniques, simulation exercises, practical teaching, etc. , Let students build their own money-making system, and continuously and automatically profit in the market. The uniqueness of this course lies in the two-month coaching and team learning system, in the form of group interactive learning, step by step allows students to quickly master the technology of automatic program trading.

Course Coaching System
During the two months of the course, our team will provide support and respond to your learning inquiries. Our team, not only a mentor, but also a course coach will follow you for two months. You are not learning by yourself, but a group of comrades fighting together, and your coach. Provide learning EA (Expert Advisor: intelligent trading software system) In the course, we will provide enough EA for learning, you can EA to run it on any demo or real account. There is no need for students to go to class and pay extra to buy EA for learning.

EA is simpler than imagined
We start from the basic concepts to explain the necessary knowledge and operating methods of automatic program trading, so that you do not need to master the market experience, and it is easy for even novices to understand. Regardless of education and status in the market, everyone is equal. Anyone can learn automatic program trading and bring continuous and stable passive income. As long as you take action, you can enter the era of “fully automated trading and profit.”



  • 明白自動程式交易及市場基礎


  • 掌握交易平台MT4

    你能先了解進入自動程式交易市場必需的工具與平台;MT4, 一步步掌握如個使用及學會使用MT4作交易買賣。

  • 學習使用過往交易數據作測試


Benefits and Advantage


  • 程式交易基礎知識


  • 獨特教授方式


  • 研究與實踐


  • 延伸學習及技術支援






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