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自動程式交易課程 讓學員掌握自動程式交易的基本知識,除了學懂操作自動程式交易軟體MetaTrader4(MT4)外,亦會學到實際的自動交易方法,例如交易策略、回測技巧、模擬練習、實戰教學等

Why Choose Forex Forest

To provide Hong Kong people with one more potential investment tool and trading market. Forex Forest is committed to promoting and educating “automatic program trading” and apply it to the foreign exchange market. To provide Hong Kong people with one more investment tool and trading market with great potential so that the public can invest in the global market and prepare for the future.

Automated program trading has developed very mature in the foreign investment market. It can be applied to the foreign exchange market, trading for you 24 hours in an automated manner, and trading transactions are never restricted by time. With the continuous changes in the global economy and investment market, investment cannot be limited to stocks, futures, and property purchases. The global foreign exchange market is another option for you…

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    Professional Team

    With more than 10 years experience in algorithmic trading, our development team has been established to continuously update, to improve and optimise different types of algorithmic trading expert advisor to increase the profitability in the foreign exchange market.

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    Algorithmic Expert

    Over 10 years experience in algorithmic trading and forex investment. We aim to share and teach people who are interested in algorithmic trading, also provide advance knowledge of algorithmic trading skill.

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    Quality Program

    The course has obtained ISO9001 quality certification as a high-quality program trading course, and professionally teaches self-account program trading.

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